Simplifying Customer Marketing Execution
Your message, your assets, co branded, easily executed.
We help your customers execute campaigns for your products and devices, simply.

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What We Do

You've got great promotional material for your products just waiting to be seen. The problem is, your customers aren't taking advantage of these assets. Our automated marketing system helps your customers easily execute your marketing assets and promotions from one place. 
Increase your product retention with little effort. 

co branding


Our campaigns are co-branded with your company branding and your customer's brand. The marketing assets your company creates for your products and devices will be used in customer campaigns. Using Account Based Marketing those campaigns are automatically practice branded and may be launched directly to patients with just a click.

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Marketing Your Products

Practices have access to a library of assets, including yours. Easily executed campaigns, landing page blocks, social content, articles, all available to simplify practice branded marketing of your products. 

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Our Multi step campaigns feature dynamic content, conditional delivery, and multi-channel distribution. We create emails structured around lead generation and getting people into an office to use your products.



How It Works

We get your content. We make it available to your customers. We market to their patients.
With your marketing assets and build them into campaigns for your customers that sell your products. The campaigns are designed to nurture the end user into using your product on a repeat basis. The system offers multi-channel integration, including conditional, multi-send emails, scheduled social posts, dynamic landing pages and SMS messaging communication to maximize conversion.

New Product or Promotion

green arrow icon Practice launches a new service or product, or promotional campaign. 

Proactive Outreach to

Educate Patients

blue arrow icon Practice uses pre-built, cobranded campaign to educate existing patients.  Campaigns include multi-channel communications to maximize conversion

Happy Practice,

Better Sales

red arrow icon Practices experience decreased ROI period for capital purchases or enhanced sales of new products.  Accelerating product adoption by patients increases practice satisfaction with you.

We Handle
Everything Else

yellow check icon Using your promotions and marketing assets, we create campaigns for your customer to execute immediately to product users.