February 10, 2015

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My Patient Experience was created in order to help make running an aesthetic practice easier. We wanted to not just share strategies for running a successful practice but create a solution that helped to communicate the keys of success throughout an organization. In the world of aesthetics you cannot be successful without a knowledgeable, compassionate support team.

The resources included in the membership programs combine key elements of training, automated communications and monitoring success.  Success is not just getting patients to call your office.  It requires an engaging team coupled with proactive communication to ensure the highest level of conversion, retention and satisfaction. Our APC (Automated Patient Communications) system provides a comprehesive resource to automate all patient communication needs.


96% of unhappy customers don’t complain,

however 91% of those will simply leave and never come back

1st Financial Training services



55% of customers would pay extra to guarantee a better service – Defaqto research


Your membership will provide you access to videos, articles, documents, training solutions, and more that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.



Christopher Gangnes, C.A.S.C.

headshotI have spent more than 13 years running a multi-location plastic surgery and medical spa practice in Orange County California, the most competitive marketplace in the world for aesthetic medicine.  During this time the company has experienced more than 600% growth in revenue during the most volatile economic environment in decades. My success can be attributed to an unwavering dedication to the people that pay the bills, our patients! Each decision in the practice is reviewed critically from the patient’s perspective to ensure constant improvement in the patient experience.

I found that the greatest impact I had as a manager was through the ongoing training and education of my team and the physicians in the practice. Helping my team understand objectives and learn strategies to achieve objectives, while improving performance, had the biggest impact on growth and teamwork within the organization.

70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated – McKinsey

I put together these training programs to help other practices grow and improve the care provided to their patients. These programs are applicable to any medical practice or anyone in a customer service industry. Consultants charge tens of thousands of dollars to come out to your business to criticize what you do and how you do it. After they finish their assessment they are gone. Not there to support, to reinforce and reassess.

My programs are a cost effective solution to help business owners and team members critically assess processes and develop solutions for the daily struggles of management. No one can understand their business better or have a more vested interest than the individuals that are working every day in the practice caring for patients, and ensuring their satisfaction.

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