November 2, 2018

Automated Patient Communications

A pivotal component of the Patient Experience is communication.  The problem is that effective communication requires constant attention and staff effort.

Our APC (Automated Patient Communication) system is a comprehensive communication and marketing platform designed to enhance communications with your patients while minimizing the time requirements of your staff.  We combine all forms of communication to ensure your patients are getting your message. Text messaging, email, MMS, pre-recorded phone messaging, and more.


Communication automation allows you to reach out to your patients when and where they need you.

We have prebuilt templates that can be customized with your messaging:

  • Appointment reminders
  • Recurring treatment reminders
  • Pre-procedure notifications
  • Post procedure instructions
  • Feedback and testimonial requests
  • Birthday messages



Marketing automation has become a requirement of any elective medical practice.  But marketing automation should go beyond simple workflows and auto responders.

We are able to dynamically deliver content to your patients based upon any database criteria.  Loyalty points, rebates, special promotional offers, or even interests.  You can have messaging customized to appear when certain criteria are met.

Every time your patients engage with you content they are telling you what they want.  Are you listening?

Our advanced solution give you the ability to track every promotional click, website visit, quiz, feedback form and even phone conversation to build a profile of what interests your patient, as an individual.

So what do you do with that?

Our dynamic content delivery system allows you to build and deliver content relevant to your patients have demonstrated interest in based on their engagement with your practice.

We set up landing pages that will show your patients information about what interests them based on their engagement with your content.  If a patient clicks on a facelift article, wouldn’t you like them to get more information about facelifts so they schedule a consultation?