June 10, 2015

Membership Benefits

In today’s market it is increasingly difficult to differentiate a practice from the saturated market place that is highly competitive.  For the most part all aesthetic practices have similar products and services and similar credentials or experience.  So how do you differentiate your office, YOUR PATIENT EXPERIENCE.

Your membership will provide you with a road map to improving your patient experience from the ground up.  Developing a truly remarkable experience requires a critical analysis of all the activities in your practice to ensure you are providing the Wow factor service.

Your membership provides you access to:

  • videos documents, articles, and tools to give you the details about how to provide the best possible experience.   You will have on-demand access to all the materials so you can participate at your convenience and focus on the key concepts that are meaningful to your practice.  You are joining a membership program that will partner with you to help make you successful. The program delivers content strategically over time in order to direct your efforts to ensure successful implementation.
Benefits of Membership

Build Your Team

who audienceYour membership will deliver to you content to help you create a remarkable experience, tools to help build a team to deliver that experience, service to help you measure the success of your front line experience, your phones.  The Team Builder membership includes a HR document library providing information and tools to help motivate and manage your team to drive success within your organization.  You will have access to job descriptions, compensation outlines, interview outlines, review forms, and more.

Train Your Team

Doctor and Hospital StaffThe Team membership plans include the ability to create login information for each of your employees and assign and track progress of training courses.  Every employee in an aesthetic practice needs to know about the business of aesthetics, the patients we serve, and how to deliver an outstanding experience.  The courses in the Team Membership programs provide every employee the information and direction needed to help turn new employees into star performers.

Do you trouble finding qualified candidates that have experience in aesthetics?  The Team training programs will expand the universe of candidates that can be successful in aesthetics.  Applicants with experience in retail, sales, marketing, and almost any industry can be successful candidates because they will be able to get a background in the business of aesthetics from the beginning of their training.  Your team will gain an understanding of patients and what motivates them, the importance of the patient experience and how to deliver that experience, as well as training on key skills of communicating with patients and phone skills.

 Monitor Your Performance

Coordinator on PhoneThe call tracking service provided in the Team Performance and Team Results Memberships will allow you to assign phone numbers to each of you individual marketing sources so that you can track exactly how many calls you are getting from each source and listen to the recording to determine how your staff is performing on phone calls.  Successful phone conversion requires ongoing analysis and feedback to the staff members handling calls.  If you have never listened to incoming calls at your practice you may be surprised at how calls are handled and what more can be done to ensure every call becomes a consultation.

Measure Your Results

AccountabilityThe call assessment service included with the Team Results membership will give you a summary of what happens on all of your marketing calls.  This service takes the call tracking service to the next level providing you the a measure of the effectiveness of your marketing.  You will know exactly how many prospects came in from each marketing source and how many of those prospects schedule an appointment.  This will give you a direct measure of the true effectiveness of each ad source.


In addition, this program will also send you daily emails containing the caller id and recording of any prospective patient that doesn’t schedule an appointment.  This will give you a second chance to book an appointment for every lost opportunity.

Any successful practice has an effective team that provides remarkable care for patients and prospects.  Your membership helps you to build, retain, and grow your team to become superstars together.